Christmas And Gifts

Christmas Gifts For Boyfriend Ideas and Inspiration


As Christmas approaches we start work on our shopping lists and deciding what to get everyone can be quite an exciting process. However for lots of women and girls the item on the list which goes something like 'Christmas gifts for boyfriend' may be the one to cause a bit of a headache.


When it comes to buying presents for that special person in your life we feel it is important to get it right. We want their gifts to be a special as they are and we hope that we will see a look of delight on their faces when they tear away the wrapping paper. But often we find ourselves struggling desperately for some inspiration and ending up completely panic stricken as Christmas moves inexorably close and we still haven't got that all-important gift.


So What Should I get My Boyfriend For Christmas?

What you are looking for will depend on many things including

  • how long you have been going out. There is a huge difference between what is suitable for someone you are in a long term relationship with and someone you have just started dating
  • how old are you both?
  • what are his interests?
  • Is he a football crazed sport fanatic or an opera buff?
  • How much can you afford to spend
  • How much can HE afford to spend on you?

This last point is very important and should never be overlooked. Don't go overboard with expensive gifts if your boyfriend is not in a financial position where he can comfortably afford to do the same for you.

Ok so most people tend to go for one largish main present plus some smaller ones. What you class as large is up to you and your personal budget. We have tried to arrange ideas in broad categories to make it easier to find what you want.

As we approach Christmas navigation links will appear links on the right of the page which will take you to various categories. These will be added to so check back for more ideas. In the meantime we have listed below some examples to get you started.



Kindle, 6Kindle, 6" E Ink Display, Wi-Fi

The Kindle is still a great gift for anyone who likes to read and they are reasonably priced starting at less than $70.

There are several versions available but the one pictured here is the 6” version with Wi-Fi. These little devices are so easy to take around with you, This model can hold 1,000 books yet weighs less than six ounces so its as light as a single paperback. Books download in around 60 seconds. The design of the screen allows for reading even in bright sunlight making it ideal for holiday use.

There are a lot of features which you can read about on the Amazon site, plus there is a whole range of Kindles with additional features.


Christmas gifts for boyfriendNCAA Men's Sneaker Slipper

Is your man a team sports fan? How about a nice cosy pair of slippers in the colors of his favourite team?

No longer need slippers be a boring gift! These sneaker slippers are available in a whole range of team colors, complete with embroidered logos, so no matter what your boyfriend’s affiliation happens to be there should be a set for him.

The ones pictured are NCAA but if that’s not his thing then they are also available for NLB, NHL and more. price

Men’s Magazine Subscription Men’s Magazine Subscription

Have you thought about getting him a magazine subscription? There are tons to choose from and you can take out a subscription for anything from 3 months up to two years.

Titles include general men’s interest publications such as Esquire and Men’s Journal plus health and fitness related, sport, beer and brewing, winemaking, auto, and pretty much any sport/hobby/pastime related subject you can think of.

The great thing about getting him a magazine subscription is that he doesn’t just get it at Christmas – it arrives each month and serves as a reminder to him of what a great girlfriend you are!


Fogless Shower Mirror Fogless Shower Mirror

A truly useful present for any boyfriend of shaving age! This fog free mirror made byToiletTree Products is guaranteed not to fog and is designed not to fall over.

There are a lot of these fog free mirrors around but we chose this one because it looks cool and gets tons and tons of good reviews, almost 900 at the time of writing.

There is a little shelf where he can put his razor, toothbrush or whatever else he needs. They even include a little squidgee for cleaning the mirror after use. The mirror is shatter proof and will adhere to practically any surface.

So confident are the manufacturers that you will like their product that they offer a full 30 day no quibble 100% refund if you are not happy.


 Neckties How To Tie A Tie Book Neckties How To Tie A Tie Book

I am going to have to admit to a degree of ignorance here but I had no idea that there even were fourteen different ways you could tie a tie! Chances are you’re your man doesn’t know this either.

Obviously this is something he needs to know if he wants to get on in the world so he really needs this book. Well maybe he doesn’t really but it’s a great stocking filler as its only about $6.

A bonus is that that little book will also apparently teach him how to fold his hankerchief and how to look after his tie collection the right way - invaluable information without a doubt.