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Try Using The Swivel Straight Tree Stand

I have only very recently discovered the existence of the Swivel Straight Tree Stand and I look forward to finding out whether it is as good as it claims to be.

Every year, around one week or so before Christmas I prepare to do battle. The battle is against something I absolutely love too, the Christmas tree.

I have long been a fan of having a real Christmas tree. I love the way it looks and the wonderful Christmassy aroma it gives off. What I don't love is having to wrestle the darn thing into some sort of stand or large heavy pot every year. I end up scratched all over, sticky from the sap and fraught.

Buying a somewhat smaller tree would help and every year as I set off to buy it I tell the kids its going to be a smaller one this time. They just roll their eyes- they know that's just not gonna happen. I duly arrive back with humongous tree and the battle begins again.

But this year I think I may have found the solution with this rather clever tree stand.

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It may not look like any sort of great innovation but the Emerald Innovations Swivel Straight Tree Stand is ingeniously simple and makes struggling with a stubborn Christmas tree so much less stressful!

The clever part is that it has a removable center piece which you attach to the bottom of your tree. You then clip this back into the base which is way easier than trying to get the tree directly into a stand. I have never seen s tree stand anything like this but now that I have I am amazed that no-one thought of this earlier.

Once the tree is up you can adjust it using the foot control to get it perfectly straight. This is so much easier than adjusting by hand using long screws which most large stands seem to have.

Emerald Innovations XTS3 Swivel Straight Tree Stand
Emerald Innovations XTS3 Swivel Straight Tree Stand

And here is how it works in pictures. Three straightforward steps. Whether it is quite as easy as they make it look here is another matter but judging by customer reviews it really does make putting a large tree up a lot easier. One reviewer commented that it was the first time they had put up their Christmas tree without ending up wanting to kill each other!

Emerald Innovations XTS1 Swivel Straight Tree Stand

Swivel Straight Tree Stand

Swivel Tree Stand

The tree holder is made from durable impact grade polymer. This means it won't crack and, very importantly, it won't damage your floor.

There is a large water reservoir so you don't have to top up sp often and you are less likely to end up letting your tree dry out. It also has drain slots so that you don't end up with water going all over the place when you take the tree down after Christmas.

The Swivel Straight Tree Stand is designed to hold quite large trees. It comes in two sizes which are as follows.

Up to 10ft Tree

Up to 12ft tree

That should be enough for most families!